The Maui of Yore and the Hawaii of Today: Everchanging   Yet Timeless

From Maui,Hawaii,The Lahaina Sun weekly newspaper arises from the dead.  It began almost 40 years ago and lasted 12 years. Born with a dash of irreverence and contestation, it tended to spice-up the news. To provoke-with humor. To rock-the-boat.

This was the first in a series of such newspapers-all trying to stay afloat. To gain recognition for honesty and,also,enough advertising to forge ahead. To come up with something new and different every week. To innovate.

And right here,right now-in keeping with that old aloha teen spirit-I`m going to give you a good dose of the clapboard houses of yesteryear compared to the Maui Millionaire Coast Condos of recent vintage.  Yes.  We`ll share a reporter`s experience-Now who could that possibly be ?-in helping to build what was a very successful newspaper on the island of Maui in Hawaii.  
Most of the stories you`ll read here were written by myself and published in The Lahaina Sun over 40 years ago.

Lahaina Sun Staff in the 70's: Dave, Don, Sharm and Buck

Although they deal with change-they are quite often timeless.  Change the names and you can read much of the exact same thing today. The extent to which this is true is uncanny.

Often the original worries and concerns, proved unfounded. The change so feared proved beneficial, or at least not too bad. New  sewage and power facilities made for a better life.  Improved roads made for better weekend drives. New housing,sometimes, proved to be uncommonly beautiful and innovative. More visitors meant improved lifestyles. More computers-better jobs.

So,yes,the fisherman`s shack did become a condo but the intrinsic beauty of the Hawaiian islands continues-timeless. Sunrises and sunsets still inspire awe. Even trying not to gush-they are very,very beautiful.

The surge of surf is also timeless. Above and below water. Great fishing,surfing and diving. The strain of the sails,also,with the trade winds abaft the beam. The offshore view,looking back at Lahaina, the old whaling port and Hawaiian capital-where just the remembrance is an uplifting of the spirit.

Let me take you there-a look at the past through the old stories of The Lahaina Sun,with added asides and an up-date,from Maui,Hawaii,with all the fun stuff. A long list of Attractions and Activities. Speaking of which.
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Buck Quayle

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Buck Quayle at the Lahaina Sun bureau circa 1970

Buck Quayle, 1971, Lahaina  Harbor. Picture by Don Graydon

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