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The Maui Blog of Yore Or...may take you back to the past-say the history of Hawaiian tattoos or give you the latest ink trends-with a page on current adaptations.

What's new and what's old. What's old and published anew. What's what. Updated, possible inflated. Maybe berated.

Hawaiian Aloha Shirts: The Chun Legacy

The hawaiian aloha shirts developed from a misture of foreign influences and textiles combined with practical hot-climate needs and local design. Ellery Chun popularized the fashion.

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Maui Newspaper Update From Past To Present

A four-decade newspaper update starts with The Lahaina Sun and ends with the Haleakala Times.

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Hawaii Printing Celebrates 150 Years

Hawaii printing at the old printing house, called Hale Pai, completes 150 years. Party time.

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Underground Tie Dyeing Taught By The Best

Lynn Taylor teaches us tie dyeing. She learned from Tie Dye Annie-noted underground figure.

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Hawaiian Words You'll Hear On Maui

Some good hawaiian words for malihinis. In daily use.

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Maui Artist Jerome Gives Flavor To The Age

Jerome is a colorful artist who just opened Haleakala

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Buck Quayle at the Lahaina Sun bureau circa 1970

Buck Quayle, 1971, Lahaina  Harbor. Picture by Don Graydon

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