Good Hawaiian Words For Malihinis


The people of Maui use a good number of Hawaiian words in their everyday speech.  Everyone is already familiar with a number of such words which have made their way into standard English:  lei, luau, lanai, muu muu, aloha, hula.  Others commonly heard on Maui are:

Haole (HOW-lee) White person; Caucasian

Kahuna (kuh-HOO-nuh) Priest; sorceror

Kamaaina (kah-mah-EYE-nuh) Oldtimer; longtime resident

Kane (KAH-nay) Man or boy

Kapu (kah-POO) Forbidden; no trespassing

Kau Kau (COW COW) To eat

Kokua (ko-KOO-uh) Help; assistance

Mahalo (mah-HAH-lo) Thank you

Makai (mah-KAI) Toward the ocean; on the ocean side of something,such as the makai side of the road

Mauka (MOW-kuh) (MOW rhymes with cow) Toward the mountains; on the inland side of something

Malihini (mah-lah-HEE-nee) Newcomer; stranger; visitor

Pali (PAH-lee) Cliff

Pau (POW) Finished; completed

Pau Hana (pow HAH-na) End of the work day; completion of work

Puka (POO-kuh) Hole

Pupus (POO-poos) Snacks; hors d'oeuvres

Wahine (Wah-HEE-nee) Women or girl

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Buck Quayle at the Lahaina Sun bureau circa 1970

Buck Quayle, 1971, Lahaina  Harbor. Picture by Don Graydon

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