Four Cases Of
Maui Syphilis Uncovered


Maui Syphilis Uncovered

Four cases of syphilis have been found on Maui this year, including two in the month of September.

Last year the island reported none.

Dr. Alice Broadhurst, Maui district health officer, said the disease was diagnosed at the Wailuku free health clinic.

To date, she said, the disease has only been found on persons described as transients believed to have been in the Makena area.

Last year 27 cases of syphilis were reported in the Hawaiian islands, all on Oahu.

So far this year, eight cases have been reported on the neighbor islands out of a total of 20 reported in the state.

Dr. Broadhurst reported some 60 blood tests have been given so far on Maui. Normally, blood tests will not reveal the presence of Syphilis until about three to four weeks after infectious contact. Therefore, two blood tests several weeks apart are sometimes given.

Tests may be made from the initial sign of infection-a chancre sore which usually appears on or near the genital region. The results from this test, however, don't often show the disease.

The initial sores may disappear after several weeks. Often after six weeks a rash may appear followed by another sore.

It is not uncommon for the disease to develop without the appearance of a sore.

Treatment, which normally consists of doses of Penicillin, should be obtained as soon as possible. It untreated, complications may arise with affects upon the heart, blood vessels and the brain.

Ninty-nine per cent of the time, the disease is transmitted by sexual intercourse. Some syphilis is caused by laboratory or surgical accidents.

Transmittal is most likely during the early stages of infection, and during a later period, some two to four years after infection.

Persons who have sexual contact with "transients" lately are asked to come to the Wailuku Health Center near Maui Memorial Health Center near Maui Memorial Hospital for a free blood check from 9 a.m. to noon on Mondays.

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