Romantic Maui Weddings


Talk about romantic Maui weddings: Ed Frazer of Waikapu and his fiance, Mariko, were married Dec. 19, 1971. in a beautiful shoreside ceremony at West Maui's Fleming Beach. Frazer (center) is shown with Mariko, her mother, and Minister Brian Allen.

At sunset the same day, Sam Buell of Lahaina and his girl friend, Della, were married on the beach. Frazer, former distribution manager for The Lahaina Sun, and Mariko have begun an extended mainland and South American honeymoon and expect to return to Maui in April. Buell is the new distribution manager for the Sun.

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Maui Lahaina Sun

Buck Quayle at The Lahaina Sun

Buck Quayle at the Maui Lahaina Sun bureau circa 1970

Buck Quayle

Reporter/Photographer Buck Quayle in 1971 in Maui with the Cartagenian in the background

Buck Quayle, 2011


Haleakala Park On Maui

Another Day At The Office Haleakala National Park

Tiki at Maui School


Whale watching

Whale tail

My Other Office-On The Beach At Lahaina
Maui Girl On Bike