Sacred Hearts School
Kept Open


Sacred Hearts School

At an emergency meeting Friday night, parishioners of Maria Lanakila Catholic Church in Lahaina voted to keep their school in operation despite loss of the school building to fire earlier in the week.

Classes will be conducted in temporary quarters while parish members study the pros and cons of building a new structure to replace the destroyed school at the corner of Honoapiilani Hwy. and Dickenson St. School is scheduled to open the first week in September.

The meeting at the Pioneer Mill clubhouse was attended by about 100 persons, including representatives of the Maui Catholic Board.

Sister Antoinette, Regional Superior, said she had spoken with Bishop Scanlon of the Diocese of Honolulu. According to her, the bishop said any decision to rebuild would be a local matter and Diocese funds would not be available to help with rebuilding.

Parishioners withheld a final decision on rebuilding the school in order to look into federal funds that might be available, the position of the State Dept. of Education, construction costs, and willingness of the parish to undertake the project.

The church is expected to receive about $86,000 in insurance money for the burned building. Replacement cost was estimated to be at least $250,000.

Sister Claudia, school principal, said the convent at the church would be made available for makeshift classes for the opening of the school. The cafeteria, damaged in the blaze, also can be used.

Rev. Lewis Fry of the Lahaina Methodist Church, said his church could make limited funds available to the school.

The next decision parents must make is whether or not they wish to enroll their children in the temporary facilities or transfer them to public school. Of the 450 families in the parish, 78 had children there last year, for an enrollment of 150.

Children who do not return most likely will attend Lahaina's Kam III School, which already suffers from overcrowding.

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