Lahaina Sun Misquote ?

Lahaina Sun Misquote?

Deputy Chief Phil Vierra of the Maui Police Dept. said last week that he was misquoted in a Lahaina Sun article on the Sept. 16 fire at Kam III School in Lahaina.

Vierra said he was "disturbed" and "concerned" about the article which included a statement, attribuited to him, that indicated arson was the cause of the blaze.

"I did not make this statement," Vierra said.

He said police are investigating the possibility of arson. However, at no time did he make any statement that would indicate the department has reached a conclusion about whether or not arson was involved.

Shortly after arriving at the scene of the Kam III fire, Deputy Police Chief Phil Vierra stated, "When you look at what's left, it looks like the arsonist could have been in the center of the building."

He made the statement word for word in my presence, while I was standing some three feet away. Also present were Maui Police Chief Abraham Aiona; Stanley Izumigawa, Kam III principal; Alvin Soares, vice principal; Lahaina Police Capt. Omura, and, I believe, Police Det. Ken Taguchi.

I recorded the quote on the spot and have the notes.

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