Maui Police


Peaceful Maui Police Picnic

"This is the only time that police have ever held anything like this for students anywhere in the United States that I know of," said Maui Police Chief Abraham Aiona at last Saturday's police-student picnic.

Scattered across the grass field at Kalama Park in Kihei, more than 100 police officers with their families and some 800 Maui Community College students and teachers were throwing horseshoes and playing football, softball and volleyball.

On hand to entertain were Nelson Waikiki and his group, the Danny Kapoi Trio, the Latin Five, Sunflower, the Police Chorus led by Sgt. Clarence Kenui, the Maui Serenaders, and the MCC Hawaiiana Class.

The Hawaiiana Class also prepared the food-donated by over 50 local merchants-under the direction of Mrs. Edward Tam.

Her husband, Capt. Edward Tam, was chairman for the picnic. He seemed pleased that the police department's "thank you" for a similar picnic which the MCC social science division held for the police last November was going so well.

Chief Aiona, looking over the crowd, said,

"I don't think it could happen anywhere else. It should be like this all the time."

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