Maui Realtors Say
Housing Subdivision Unfair

Housing Subdivision Unfair

Maui's housing subdivision law is unfair to developers and to home buyers, according to the Maui County Board of Realtors.

The realtors' organization, in a letter to the County Council, criticized the law as "too stiff and rigid" and asked for its revision.

Because of the ordinance, the group said, "the cost of land to the consumer has increased unnecessarily".

The realtors criticized several provisions of the law, including the requirement that developers provide land for parks.

This requirement is "just another form of taxation", they argued. "The existing tax structure already provides for financing of parks.

"In addition," the letter claimed, "the County has sufficient existing parks for use by the general public."

The letter, signed by President George Ezaki of the Board of Realtors, said there should be a clearer understanding of the respective responsibilities of the developer and of the County.

The developer should be responsible for all improvements within the subdivision. But the County should pay for improvements to existing County facilities, such as roads and water systems.

The existing requirement for installation of curbs and gutters and 28-foot-wide road paving is unnecessary, the group said. This requirement adds about $2,500 to the cost of an individual lot, it said.

The realtors criticized the County government for what it called "extremely long and unnecessary delays in processing subdivisions" and "interpretation of the ordinance which creates additional hardship on developers and landowners."

The letter has been refered for study to the County Council's public works committee.

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