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The Maui Council

The Maui County Council covers a lot of ground. Here's the absolute latest news, right off the press, from their meeting of Friday, January 7, 1972. You read it here.

Five students have been appointed to the Maui County Traffic Safety Council, upon recommendation of the Maui Youth Council.

In a letter addressed to the Council, Maui Mayor Elmer Cravalho said the students are Robyn Naeole, St. Anthony High School; Lisa Davenport, Seabury Hall; Claudia Rue, Lahainaluna High School, and Debra Mathias, Baldwin High School.


A resolution requesting the Dept. of Health to hold public hearings on the neighbor islands regarding proposed air quality standards-as well as on Oahu-was passed by the Maui Council.

Some of the proposed changes, the resolution said, "are impractical and would place great hardship upon the agricultural community".

Singled out for this criticism were proposals which would, in effect, require modifying "agricultural practices such as tilling the land, application of fertilizers, etc., in such a manner as to prevent dust from becoming airborn, and prohibiting the discharge of visible emissions of fugitive dust beyond the lot line of the property on which the emissions originate."


The Maui Philharmonic Society will receive $12,000 from the County government to help subsidize symphony concerts for Maui school children.

The grant was okayed by The Maui Council following a recommendation from its finance committee.

The subsidy was voted at the request of the Maui Philharmonic Society, which has raised some $15,000 toward the total cost of $33,644 for the 1971-72 concert program.

The Honolulu Symphony Society is expected to donate almost $7,000.


Kase Higa was congratulated by the Council upon his appointment as a judge of the District Courts of the Second Circuit, State of Hawaii.

Higa has resigned as Maui County Attorney, a position he held since 1964, to accept the position of judge.


As requested by Joe Bulgo, the Council referred to its Committee of the Whole a proposal to establish an architectural design policy for all future county and state government buildings.

The proposal was presented in the form of a resolution which the Council passed.


Responding to a request from the Council for consideration of a new Maui map, Maui Mayor Elmer Cravalho has turned down the proposal.

In a letter to the Council, Cravalho said, "It is felt that the road maps available at the present time are sufficient to meet the needs of the public."


A resolution requesting the removal of utility poles on Kaahumanu Ave.-the main road between Wailuku and Kahului-was passed by the Council.

The resolution, introduced by Harry Kobayashi, says, "A casual observation would disclose that the utility poles...seriously affect the beauty of the area".

The resolution asks the director of public works, Stanley Goshi, to discuss the situation with Colin Murdoch, general manager of Maui Electric Co. on Maui.


The Council passed a resolution introduced by Harry Kobayashi requesting "the manager of the Kahului Airport to seriously consider (compilation) of a master consilidated rate chart for the benefit of all prospective renters of U-Drive automobiles".

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