Kealia Power Plant Installed
Power To The People?


Kealia Power Plant

The much debated new electric generating station near Kealia Pond will be ready for operation Dec. 17, according to Ty Benson, chief engineer for Maui Electric Co.

Benson said the first of three diesel generators was installed last Thursday at the site between Maalaea and Kihei. The 64-ton unit is capable of producing 2,750 kilowatts.

Similar generators will be installed during June and September of 1972.

Originally the electric company asked for permission to build a 200,000-kilowatt steam generation plant on 33 acres of land.

In July the State Land Use Commission reduced the acreage to five and voted to approve use of diesel and gas turbine units only.

The decision followed complaints from over a dozen ecology-oriented groups who felt the plant might adversely alter the environment.

They requested studies showing the effect of the plant on air and water quality, marine ecology, flood control, wildlife, soil conservation, consumption of scarce fossil fuels, social conditions and asethetic appearance.

The company currently is sponsoring an environmental impact study which is expected to become part of a future reapplication for permission to build a steam plant.

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