Maui Community College
Building Controversy


The nearly completed Maui Community College student center building is brewing some controversy.

Carpentry Instructor B.J. Kim, who says he is backed by many students and faculty members, is not at all happy with the building, and has volunteered a series of complaints.

But Acting Provost Harold Luntey says he doesn't know anything about the complaints, and that there are no major problems as far as he knows.

According to Kim, space allocations in the new building are not correct: too much space has been provided for books; a larger recreation hall is needed; there are too many toilets.

He said the placement of the building is not the best, and criticized the lack of windows. Even though tennis courts have been built, there are no nets. He complained that there are no ping pong or pool tables.

Kim said the building cost of approximately $1.25 million could have been reduced by one-third to one-half if materials other than concrete had been used.

Kim said he plans to form a group of students, faculty members and interested citizens to present these charges in person to Luntey this week. In a telephone interview, Luntey said he was unaware of these complaints. He said it seemed to be a "strange modus operandi that this was discussed with the press before here."

(Left, picture of campus in 2007)

Luntey said the Maui Community College building was planned for 3,350 students, the estimated number for the year 1982. Currently there are 1,050 day students and 250 evening students.

He said the building has partitions which are removable, making it a very flexible structure. Pool tables and ping pong tables are on the equipment list, as well as tennis nets.

Luntey said that after the state legislature approves money for a new college building, the University of Hawaii Planning Office chooses an architect. The architect visits the college and meets with students, faculty and administrators. He then does his best to please as many of these persons as he can and still comply with state specifications.

The entire process takes three to four years. Planning for the student center, "was before my time here. Therefore, I don't know if Kim or the other faculity members and students were properly consulted or not."

He personally feels the building site might not be the best. He said the number of rest rooms should not be too many for the projected 3,350 students.

"As far as the building materials, I don't know," Luntey said. "Kim would know more about this than I would."

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Campus size: 76 acres

City or town school is located in: Kahului

Population of city/town: 16,889


Total undergraduates: 1,013 men, 1,849 women, 2,862 total

Full-time undergraduates: 383 men, 630 women, 1,013 total

Part-time undergraduates: 630 men, 1,219 women, 1,849 total

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