Maui Fish Mystery


Maui Fish Mystery

Four schools of dead fish mysteriously appeared last week floating in offshore waters or lying in tidepools along the western and southern shores of Maui.

State Fish and Game Warden Carl Pokipala said the cause of the deaths was not immediately known. Samples have been sent to Honolulu.

Pokipala said he finds the situation baffling. There are no visual signs of poisoning, sickness or injury, he said.

According to Pokipala, local fisherman say fish sometimes die from fright trying to escape their natural enemies.

The first incident was reported April 10 at Makena Beach, where scores of Thompson's Butterfly Fish were found dead in tide pools. Samples were frozen and shipped to Honolulu for laboratory analysis.

On April 14, Aloialoi were discovered along the beaches at Keawa Kapu, near Makena. No samples were collected but a report was forwarded to the Fish and Game Dept. in Honolulu.

The next day, about 100 fish commonly called Convict Tang were washed ashore near the cattle gate at the end of the Kihei road. Again, no samples were taken, but a report was forwarded to Honolulu.

Last Saturday, Skipper Lou Abrams of the charter yacht Allure reported dead fish floating off Napili.

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Maui Lahaina Sun

Buck Quayle at The Lahaina Sun

Buck Quayle at the Maui Lahaina Sun bureau circa 1970

Buck Quayle

Reporter/Photographer Buck Quayle in 1971 in Maui with the Cartagenian in the background

Buck Quayle, 2011


Haleakala Park On Maui

Another Day At The Office Haleakala National Park

Tiki at Maui School


Whale watching

Whale tail

My Other Office-On The Beach At Lahaina
Maui Girl On Bike