Forlorn Is The Girl At Lahainaluna
Hectic Days For Students


The girl sat on the steps of the David Malo Dorm at Lahainaluna High School, looking forlorn.

"What's the matter?" asked school principal Ralph Murakami, putting his hand to her forehead. "You look hot. Are you sick?"

"," she said. "I sick for boyfriend."

"You'll see him soon."

The girl was one of 95 high school students from Japan who were staying at Lahainaluna High School for two weeks. They appeared to be enjoying their stay on Maui, but with a couple of days to go, thoughts of home were returning.

It had been a busy two weeks for the group. They had visited the historical sites around Lahaina: the old printing house, the Baldwin Home, the prison, the Carthaginian, the Olowalu Petroglyphs.

They toured the Lahaina Jodo Mission, cruised on the glass-bottom boat, snorkled at Olowalu, visited the Haleakala crater and Iao Valley.

They toured the Kahului pineapple cannery and roamed through Wailuku and Kahului. They saw Whaler's Village and road the Lahaina to Kaanapali train.

Between excursions, Rose Lindsey and Earl Kukahiko conducted classes on Hawaiian arts and crafts. Thomas Hansen, Lorraine Gomez and Gregory Matsui taught English and Rev. Ama of the Lahaina Hongwanji Mission expounded upon the Japanese influence on Hawaii.

And there was tennis and volleyball and baseball and basketball. And swimming and surfing and so on and so forth.

One minor problem was the all-American breakfasts of bacon and eggs served to the students. They couldn't quite get used to them. But the situation improved nicely when the cafeteria cooks switched over to miso soup and rice and pickled vegetables.

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Maui Lahaina Sun

Buck Quayle at The Lahaina Sun

Buck Quayle at the Maui Lahaina Sun bureau circa 1970

Buck Quayle

Reporter/Photographer Buck Quayle in 1971 in Maui with the Cartagenian in the background

Buck Quayle, 2011


Haleakala Park On Maui

Another Day At The Office Haleakala National Park

Tiki at Maui School


Whale watching

Whale tail

My Other Office-On The Beach At Lahaina
Maui Girl On Bike