Fish Farms Hawaii
County Okays $5,000


Fish Farms Hawaii

The Maui county government plans to turn over $5,000 to Fish Farms for use in its advertising program.

According to a contract signed Nov. 9 between the County government and Fish Farms, the Maui company will receive $5,000 to "implement programs which will promote and increase the sale of fish and fish products grown, processed, or manufactured in the County of Maui."

The funds involved are to be given to the County by the State Dept. of Planning and Economic Development, and then turned over to Fish Farms, which maintains ponds in Kihei for raising prawns, catfish and oysters.

The contract was transmitted last Friday to the County Council for its files. It appeared that most of the councilmen had not heard of the contract before Friday, and they agreed to refer it to the Council's economic development committee for study.

Under the contract, Fish Farms is to place a series of radio and newspaper ads touting its products, build a display tank at its Kihei headquarters, produce a recipe booklet for Fish Farms products and make promotional calls on food stores, restaurants, fish markets and institutions.

Total cost of the program, to run through next June, is expected to be about $10,000. Fish Farms, a private firm operated by Global Marine Inc., is to pay about half the cost.

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