Lahaina Animal Farm
Closed Down

Lahaina Animal Farm

Lahaina's famous Animal Farm-a combination youth hostel, emergency crash pad and home-away-from-home for more than three years-is out of business at last.

To the joy of neighbors and the dismay of homeless young mainlanders, the big old house on the ocean at 417 Front St. has been taken back by its owner.

Mrs. Virginia Mullins, her husband, their three children, and their extended "family" of some 20 or more young people have moved out.

The owner, a businessman who lives in Japan, first asked the Mullins family to leave the house last January. The businessman said complaints had been received about the large number of persons living in the house.

But Mrs. Mullins and her huge family received a reprieve last week. She said some of the young people were able to move into a west Maui condominium where the manager permits several persons to to together in renting one unit.

She said she and her husband have not yet found a place for their own immediate family.

Because of the lack of housing in the Lahaina area, Mrs. Mullins had accepted all the young people she could handle at the house. Persons who lived there regularly helped pay the $450 per month rent.

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Maui Lahaina Sun

Buck Quayle at The Lahaina Sun

Buck Quayle at the Maui Lahaina Sun bureau circa 1970

Buck Quayle

Reporter/Photographer Buck Quayle in 1971 in Maui with the Cartagenian in the background

Buck Quayle, 2011


Haleakala Park On Maui

Another Day At The Office Haleakala National Park

Tiki at Maui School


Whale watching

Whale tail

My Other Office-On The Beach At Lahaina
Maui Girl On Bike