Lahaina Tennis Club
Annual Christmas Tournament

The annual Lahaina Tennis Club Christmas Tournament is now underway.

Matches, which began Monday, will continue through Wednesday of next week. The games are being played at the Puamana and Maluuluolele tennis courts.

Competing are some 24 high school boys and girls, 25 elementary school boys and girls, 22 players for the mixed doubles, and 16 teams for the open division.

In the mixed doubles, the pairings are done by the tournament committee. In the open division, players pick their own partners.

Action in the elementary division-which kicked off the tournment-is being held from Dec. 20 to Dec. 24. Also, at the same time, the novice mixed doubles division began. High school singles competition will start tomorrow (Thursday) and end by Dec. 29.

Then, for the finale, the open division will play Dec. 26 to Dec. 29.

Following the tournament, a potluck dinner and awards ceremony will be held at the old manager's home at Puamana.

Assisting general chairman Rudy Tabbal are Shigesh Wakida, Lahainaluna coach for boys and girls, and Masa Kawaguchi.

Charlene Tabbal

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Buck Quayle at the Maui Lahaina Sun bureau circa 1970

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