Lahaina Tong Building
Repainting OK With Historic Commission


The old Lahaina Tong building on Front St., near the Lahaina Shopping Center, will be painted by Kam Chew Young following permission by the Maui Historic Commission.

Commissioners plan to install a marker at the site, indicating the historical significance of the building, after the painting has been completed. The structure was built about 60 years ago and has served as headquarters for a fraternal organization of Chinese immigrants to Maui.

Earlier this year, Kam Chew Young had asked the Commission what colors should be used to maintain an historically accurate appearance for the building.

The Lahaina Restoration Foundation volunteered to finance a paint analysis and structural survey of the Lahaina Tong building. The study was conducted by architect Geoffrey Fairfax.

An analysis of paint samples shows the Lahaina Tong building has had four major paintings during its history, with the color scheme remaining basically the same.

Plans for restoration call for a return to orginal color in the few areas where shades have been altered.

The original color scheme calls for a medium gray-green color for exterior siding with white trim, with white interior walls with light blue-gray trim. Exterior decorative panels with Chinese characters will have gloss red backgrounds with yellow letters.

In a written report, Fairfax said the basic structure of the Lahaina Tong building appears sound, although an inspection of timbers framing the first floor has not yet been made.

Fairfax recommended tent fumigation, replacement of a few boards, and application of wood filler before the painting is undertaken.

In other action, the Historic Commission:

Approved construction of a two-story, four-unit apartment building at the corner of Luakini and Prison Sts. in Lahaina. The dwelling is to be built by Tri-Isle Homes for the Kanemitsu family. The color scheme, placement of air conditioning units, and location of parking spaces is yet to be worked out.

Accepted the resignation of Commissioner Geraldine Duarte, who informed the Commission she was resigning because of business commitments.

Gave final approaval for construction of a parking lot behind the State Tax Building situated within the Wailuku Historic District.

Gave Ruth Tan, owner of the Banyan Inn in Lahaina, permission to construct a new self-service counter and roof at the existing location of the bandstand at the Inn.

Okayed a fence and gate design submitted by Harlow Wright. The fence and gate are to be situated between the new Crazy Shirts store and the Luana dress shop on Front St.

Approved construction of a small storage room as an addition to an existing residence at 553 Front St. The request was submitted by Fred Stokes for the Pioneer Mill Co.

Issued a six-month permit to the Lahaina Art Society to display works in the Banyon Court area.

Approved Chris Hart's exterior color plan for the various shops in the Dolores Martin building on Front St., just north of the library. The individual shops are to be done in varying shades of green with white pillars.

Discussed construction of a small boat launching ramp near Mala Wharf or at the Lahaina side of Wahikuli Park to aleviate congestion now caused by use of the ramp at the Lahaina small boat harbor.

Granted permission to Mary Olsen to install a 10.5-square-foot sign at the Hale Bikini Shop at 706 Front St. and deferred action on her request to build an enclosed courtyard in front of the shop.

Okayed a request from West Maui Business Services to install a two-square-foot sign over the main entrance to the Lahaina Casuals Building.

Voted to send a letter of thanks to the Lahaina Restoration Foundation for its help in obtaining a study of the Tong Society Building.

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