Maui Erosion Project
Petition Asks Halt

Maui Erosion Project

Several hundred Maui residents have petitioned for a halt in work on a half-million-dollar erosion control project at Kalama Park in Kihei.

The petition asks for a moratorium and further study on construction of a rock revetment designed to halt erosion of the shoreline.

According to a representative of Ige Construction Co., contractors of the project, the job is already 90 per cent complete.

The petition, signed by close to 400 persons, was presented last week to the Maui County Council and referred to the council's public works committee.

Submitted with the petition was a letter from geologist and Kihei resident Glenn Shepherd, who termed the project "ill-conceived".

"This appears to be another case of technological short-sightedness, coupled with unknowing and unresponsive government," he said.

According to Shepherd, the project appears to be unnecessary. He said reports from both the U.S.Army Corps of Engineers and the University of Hawaii indicate the beach at Kalama is "relatively stable" and has experienced little erosion.

However, the Corps of Engineers recommended construction of the rock wall, and agreed to pay half the cost. County and State funds are also being used.

According to the petition, the revetment will cause the loss of "a valuable and heavily-used recreational area for Mauians and all future Mauians at the expense of taxpayers' money."

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