Maui Youth Center
Hostility, Vacations and Indifference


Maui Youth Center

Back in mid-March a committee was formed by Maui Community College instructor Tim Head to try to iron out differences between "hippies" and the "establishment".

In addition to Head, the group was composed of Maui County Councilman Joe Bulgo, MCC instructor Al Sparks, Rev. Mary Moku, Rev. Richard Winkler, six residents of the Banana Patch, and David Joseph, former Patch owner.

Seemingly, a discussion between this unlikely gathering would compare with oil and water-one on top, one on the bottom; close proximity, but no cohesion.

Oddly enough, the committee voted unanimously to support creation of a "contact center"-with Maui County funds-where island newcomers would receive information and counseling.

The idea for the center was embodied in a resolution which was presented to Maui Mayor Elmer Cravalho.

The resolution diplomatically recognized conflicts that arose on Maui due to the influx of young travelers in the last few years.

As a partial solution to the problem, it asked creation of a Maui youth center where young people could learn to survive on the island within a small budget, be counseled on personal problems, and receive guidance on living within Maui laws and customs.

As it developed-due to hostility, vacations, and indifference-the project was left in the hands of Tim Head.

County funds were dropped from the project, but Head obtained use of a room, provided rent-free by the State, in the dilapidated Dept. of Agriculture building near the Kahului Airport.

With the help of Tim Head and Linda Johnson of the Banana Patch, the place was painted and a phone was installed.

In June, Head reported the Maui youth center was all set to operate on a fulltime basis, with Tim and Linda as unpaid volunteers.

But the opening never came.

At first, Head reported he believed the hold-up was due to a bureaucratic changeover.

Later, he stopped talking.

Tim and Linda finally gave up and returned to Oregon.

Reluctant to discuss the center, Head indicated a lack of State, County and local support left development of the center entirely in his hands.

Head said he was denied use of the building, but declined to say who was involved or which agency they were affiliated with.

Cravalho said the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources was the agency responsible for the use of the building. Cravalho said he felt he had done what was requested of him-he had gotten the various parties together and obtained the use of facilities for the center.

He suggested a check be made with the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources. However, the agency's representative on Maui was not immediately available for comment.

Head said the contect center might become a reality if more support is offered. However, he said he has no plans to try again for at least another year. Teaching at MCC, he said, occupies most of his time.

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Buck Quayle at the Maui Lahaina Sun bureau circa 1970

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Reporter/Photographer Buck Quayle in 1971 in Maui with the Cartagenian in the background

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