Rescued In Lahaina
Boy Brought In From Ocean

Rescued In Lahaina

A 13-year-old California boy was rescued from the ocean between Maui and Lanai after he drifted out to sea on an air mattress.

Michael Davis (below) said he was floating on the mattress last Wednesday in front of the Kula Kane condominium at Honokowai, some five miles north of Lahaina.

Being rescued in Lahaina is not uncommon.

"When I decided to come back in," he said, "I couldn't come back in. The wind was too strong, so I just kept paddling and paddling, but I didn't get anywhere."

Michael, who was vacationing on Maui with his parents from their home in South San Francisco, said the mattress drifted out until he no longer could see the Kula Kane.

He admitted he was scared, but said he felt sure he would be found eventually.

Finally, several hours after he entered the water, the Diver II motor cruiser from Lahaina, piloted by Gary Scritchfield of the Lahaina Dive Shop, pulled the boy out of the water. Michael was about three miles from shore.

Michael's father said he watched as the boy- began drifting out into the ocean. When it appeared the boy was in trouble, he and his wife began making phone calls which set in motion a search and rescue operation that involved a helicopter, several airplanes and boats, and many persons on the ground. `

Many Persons In Action

Rescued In Lahaina

Ocean rescue operations in the Lahaina area are fairly common. And when they occure, they invariably involve a great many persons who offer their help to aid in the rescue.

As an example, the following persons and organizations worked together last week to find and save 13-year-old Michael Davis after he drifted on an air mattress into the channel between Maui and Lanai:

Lahaina Dive Shop.

Diver II motor cruiser, piloted by Gary Scritchfield.

Rod Radula of Maui Air of Kahului, which provided two search airplanes.

Royal Hawaiian Air Service.

Bill Funk of the Kaanapali Airport.

Sally Rose of the Kaanapali Activities Center.

Ken Florence of Hawaii Helicopters International.

One small search boat, owned by Tim Turtle.

Lahaina Police.

One Coast Guard airplane.

One Navy ship.

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