Lahaina Rescue Ended
Two Men Safe


Lahaina Rescue Ended

A rescue operation to find two men feared lost in the upper reaches of Kahoma Stream behind Lahainaluna was called off when the men hiked out safely Saturday night.

Their would-be rescuers didn't fare so well, however. After being helicoptered into the area, Maui Police Officer David Marciel and Herbert Santos of the Civil Air Patrol spent Saturday night on a narrow ledge tied to a tree. The helicopter returned and brought them out Sunday morning, April 18.

The rescuers were searching for marine engineer John Brash of Makawao, Maui, and University of Hawaii geologist Steven Langford.

Brash and Langford entered the area Tuesday, April 13, to collect rock samples and were expected to return Thursday. Saturday morning saw the Civil Air Patrol, the Coast Guard, police, and officials of the Kaanapali Airport and Pioneer Mill Co. mobilized for the rescue operation.

Major H.H. Hardin of the Honolulu CAP first spotted one of the men at 11:10 a.m. Saturday. Bullhorn communication was attempted but the men on the ground said they couldn't hear because of a nearby 200-foot waterfall.

Actions of the men on the ground, who apparently were trying to convey they were fine, were misinterpreted, and Maciel and Santos were helicoptered in.

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