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Interisland Hydrofoil

Kentron Hawaii is proposing an interisland hydrofoil vessel service.

A representative of the company told directors of the Maui Chamber of Commerce last week that the firm plans to meet with Maui Mayor Elmer Cravalho Sept. 9 to discuss the idea.

The representative said Kentron plans to use vessels which can carry 200 passengers, are 100 feet long and 30 feet wide. They would draw six feet of water and need no special docking facilities.

Two other companies have announced plans in the past for the establishment of an interisland boat service. They are John Hulten's Inter-island Ferry System and Dillingham Corp.

Shrimp For Spring

The Lokahi Corp. of Maui County expects to begin commercial production of shrimp in tanks on the islands of Maui and Molokai by next spring.

Miles Hollister, executive director of the corporation, told directors of the Maui Chamber of Commerce last week, that productions techniques are being perfected at test facilities operated by the University of Hawaii on Oahu's Coconut Island.

Hollister said the use of shrimp rearing tanks is a new method which will permit growth of the shrimp in a carefully controlled environment.

The Lokahi Corp., funded through the federal Office of Economic Opportunity, also is sponsoring a cooperative marketing system for fisherman on Maui and Molokai.

Weapon on Wharf

Robert Hartman, 56, proprietor of the Whaling Port Grog Shop on Front St. in Lahaina, was arrested on a charge of brandishing a deadly weapon Aug. 23.

Police said a complaint was registered by Timothy Lebellister, 26, also of Lahaina. Lebellister told police Hartman had threatened him and several companions with a military AR-18 semiautomatic rifle on the Lahaina marginal wharf at 3:43 p.m.

The incident appearently followed a right-of-way dispute involving Hartman's small catamaran and Lebellister's open outboart boat, which he uses for coral diving.

Hartman, who was arrested while still holding the cocked and loaded weapon, was arested on a $25 bond and is scheduled to appear for a hearing in Lahaina District Court Sept. 10.

Maui In Brief

Possession of Plant

Brad Lee Martin, 29, of Honolulu was fined $20 last week for damaging one of the rare silversword plants at Haleakala National Park.

U.S. Magistrate Richard Komo also sentenced Martin to 30 days in prison, but suspended the sentence.

According to Ranger Hugh Crenshaw, a park visitor saw Martin remove several leaves from a plant at the silversword display area at Kalahaku Overlook. Rangers were notified, and Crenshaw picked up Martin with pieces of the plant in his possession.

Federal law makes anyone guilty of destroying or possessing any part of a silversword plant liable to a maximum $500 fine and six months in jail.

Federal Employment Funds

The County of Maui is eligible to receive $185,090 this year under the Federal Emergency Employment Act, according to Acting Mayor Shigeto (Mustard) Murayama.

Murayama said the money was Maui's share of the $1.67 million allocated to the State of Hawaii to subsidize jobs for the unemployed. Workers will be hired to provide necessary local public services.

Maui In Brief

Traffic Lights

As a result of a resolution introduced by County Councilman Marco Meyer last week, the council's public works committee is planning to meet with State Dept. of Transportation officials to consider installation of traffic lights at the intersection of Kuihelani Hwy. and Puunene Ave.

The resolution stated that "such intersections with four-way stop signs are often dangerous."

State Law Conference

Some 100 delegates are expected to attend the 18th annual State Law Enforcement Officials Conference at the Maui Hilton Hotel at Kaanapali Sept. 2-4.

Attending will be the police chiefs and commissioners from the four counties, prosecutors, narcotics officers, judges, game wardens, postal inspectors and representatives from the FBI.

Maui In Brief

Kahului Airport Award

Staff members of the Kahalui Airport station-tower have received the Federal Aviation Administration's air traffic facility of the year award for 1970 for the Pacific region.

The award was presented for overall operational efficiency, including productivity and improvement in air traffic procedures. During 1970, the group received 16 awards and letters of commendation.

Maui In Brief

Brothers Want Boys

Big Brothers of Maui is looking for young boys in the Lahaina area who could use the companionship and guidance of adult men.

Gary Frampton, executive director of the organization, said a number of Lahaina men have volunteered to serve as Big Brothers to boys who have no adult male companionship.

Each man will spend several hours each week with a young boy who has no father in the home. Persons interested in referring boys to the free Big Brothers program can contact Frampton at 244-3225.

Maui In Brief

Football Seats Reserved

Choice football seats near the 50-yard line will be reserved for season ticket buyers in the bleachers of the War Memoral Center stadium in Wailuku.

The 450 tickets for the Maui high school football season will sell for $20 each. Reservations for the 12-game series, scheduled from Sept. 24 to Nov. 6, are being taken by Kenji Kawaguchi, Maui Interscholastic League secretary, at 244-0586.

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Maui Lahaina Sun

Buck Quayle at The Lahaina Sun

Buck Quayle at the Maui Lahaina Sun bureau circa 1970

Buck Quayle

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