Good News:
Maui Santa Claus
By Boat

Maui Santa Claus

The mythical old man known as Santa Claus will arrive via boat at the Lahaina yacht harbor shortly before Christmas for a short visit.

According to the Lahaina Improvement Assn., liaison agency for the chubby gentleman's visit, Santa will arrive at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 23.

He will, of course, be ladden with good cheer in the form of candy and other items for Lahaina youngsters.

His schedule during his brief pre-Christmas visit will include a ride up Front St.

Bad News
Scrooge Lives

Scrooge still lives!

It appears that the arch enemy of Christmas, or one of his adherents, is responsible for stealing three of the colorful holliday flags now adorning Front St.

The Lahaina Art Society which provided the flags, and the Lahaina Improvement Assn., which installed the street lights and decorations, has asked the town's cooperation in halting such vandalism.

Despite problems with the flags, the two groups are continuing with other Christmas plans. The Art Society was scheduled to hang baskets of poinsettias along Front St. this week.

The Improvement Assn. will sponser a visit of Santa Claus to Lahaina Dec. 23. Santa will arrive at the small boat harbor at 3 p.m.

The group also raised money last week to buy decorative lights to adorn the big Carthaginian sailing ship at the boat harbor.

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