Maui Hashish Charge


Re: Maui Hashish Charge

We should have been out protesting and carrying banners and chanting and writing our congressmen to legalise this and that-but we were really much too stoned.

A 1970's joke.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled tomorrow (Thursday) in Wailuku for three Lahaina men charged with smuggling about 25 pounds of hashish into the United States.

The three were arrested last week in Lahaina and arraigned before U.S. Magistrate Richard Komo. They are Terry Lee Stafford, 30, operator of Lahaina's Incite Shop, Gary C. Benson, 28, and Ralph B. Baxter, 28.

Hashish, the concentrated derivative of the marijuana plant, sells on Maui for about $75 per once. At that rate, the 25 pounds would be worth $30,000.

According to Maui police, an automobile containing the hashish was shipped from Honolulu to Maui. The hashish is believed to have come from Germany.

The arrests were carried out by the federal bureaus of Customs and Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, with the help of the vice division of the Maui Police Dept.

On Friday in Lahaina, a Customs agent again was involved in arrest of another Lahaina man on a charge of possession of marijuana. James Patrick Davis, 22, was arrested on the charge at the Lahaina small boat harbor.

A representive of the County vice division said some marijuana was confiscated, but would not reveal the amount.

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